How do I reply to a discussion? Answered

This brief user guide will walk you through the steps that will allow you to successfully contribute to a discussion. Discussions are an opportunity to engage in asynchronous dialogue with members of your group about anything form tasks, to plans, to platform content. Watch the video user guide or review the text below to learn more.


User Guide Text Format

1.  Navigate to your group by clicking on the groups tab in the top toolbar and selecting your group.

Navigate to your group by clicking on the groups tab in the top toolbar. 






2.  Once you are in your group, find and select your desired discussion. Read the main text/question at the top and review any other comments that have already been posted.

To reply to a comment that has already been posted, click reply underneath the respective comment.

to reply to a specific comment click "reply" underneath that comment










3.  To reply with a new comment scroll down and fill out the box underneath the text Add New Comment.

to add a new comment complete the box under "Add New Comment"








4.  Add any necessary or relevant attachments

if desired add an attachment by clicking "choose files"


5.  Before saving your post you have the option to preview your comment. When you are satisfied and ready to publish click Save.

if desired, click preview to review your comment, when ready click save





6.  To learn how to post a new discussion click here. If your question has not been answered, please check the FAQ's for more User Guides. You can also comment below with follow up questions or email fuchstutoring@air.org. Make sure you are logged in to comment.